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Run Disney Run

Do you ever wonder why you agree to do something?  Like get up at 4 am to run a 1ok? At Disneyland?  When you hate running?  Well, nonetheless, on Saturday morning I left my house at 4.15 to run in the Star Wars 10k at Disney.   And why did I agree to run?  Because I’m a sucker when my husband asks me to do this stuff.  And I can’t turn down a challenge.  So, despite the fact that I have never, ever seen a Star Wars movie, I made my way to the starting line of the RunDisney Star Wars 10K with 13,000 other highly motivated morning people.

While I ran (and swam) in the Malibu triathlon last September, before that the last official run I participated in was a (ahem) a few years ago – before I had children, before the (non-existent) disaster that was Y2K, before we spent a decade living overseas – so, a long time ago. Remarkably, this run felt better than any of the runs I did when I was much younger, including the races I ran when I had just finished having run the New York Marathon, and was supposedly the most fit I had ever been. And for the first time ever, I didn’t hate running. I was confident that I was going to be able to finish the 6.2 miles without any problem.  I ran faster than I had when I was younger too (which still wasn’t very fast) and I actually enjoyed myself. Shocking!  I think I might even do it again if my husband asked.  I’ll still complain though.  So shhhhh.

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