Everyday Makeup

I don’t wear much makeup. And I’m not one of those women pretending that I’m not wearing a lot of makeup when I really am. I just really don’t. Ever. Like, really. My 13 year old informed me the other day that she was wearing “mom makeup.” When I asked what that meant, she replied “concealer, mascara, lip gloss.” Yup, that’s about it. In this case, some self created tinted moisturizer (using my regular moisturizer mixed with Glossier perfecting skin tint), concealer (Glossier stretch concealer), mascara (Dior Diorshow) and lipstick (Burt’s Bees new lipstick in Lily Lake). And ready to go.


Photo Credit:  Kai Aiyub

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Run Disney Run

Do you ever wonder why you agree to do something?  Like get up at 4 am to run a 1ok? At Disneyland?  When you hate running?  Well, nonetheless, on Saturday morning I left my house at 4.15 to run in the Star Wars 10k at Disney.   And why did I agree to run?  Because I’m a sucker when my husband asks me to do this stuff.  And I can’t turn down a challenge.  So, despite the fact that I have never, ever seen a Star Wars movie, I made my way to the starting line of the RunDisney Star Wars 10K with 13,000 other highly motivated morning people.

While I ran (and swam) in the Malibu triathlon last September, before that the last official run I participated in was a (ahem) a few years ago – before I had children, before the (non-existent) disaster that was Y2K, before we spent a decade living overseas – so, a long time ago. Remarkably, this run felt better than any of the runs I did when I was much younger, including the races I ran when I had just finished having run the New York Marathon, and was supposedly the most fit I had ever been. And for the first time ever, I didn’t hate running. I was confident that I was going to be able to finish the 6.2 miles without any problem.  I ran faster than I had when I was younger too (which still wasn’t very fast) and I actually enjoyed myself. Shocking!  I think I might even do it again if my husband asked.  I’ll still complain though.  So shhhhh.

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